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Champagne Gold Sugar Rock Sprinkles - Sprinklify

Champagne Gold Sugar Rock Sprinkles

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You will receive ONE jar with 4 ounces (114 grams, or half cup) of Champagne Rose Gold Sugar Rock sprinkles.

Decorate your baking creations with this beautiful mix. Packaged in facilities that are FDA registered and regularly inspected, Sprinklify sprinkles are food-grade sprinkles that are safe for human consumption. Unlike other sprinkles on the market, our sprinkles are completely safe for kids and adults to eat. Super yummy and extra shiny, our sprinkles bring about scintillating hints of flashy bling and hints of sweetness best served up for celebrations, special occasions and parties.

♥♥All sprinkles are FDA compliant.

♥♥Net weight is 4 ounces (114 grams, or half cup)

♥♥Fast turnaround and shipping!